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Superior Recruiting

Market Research 


Superior is our preferred recruiter in Tampa, because they truly partner with us. They are strategic, responsive, proactive and very accessible. In fact, we consider them one of the topnotch recruiters in the country. Lisa and staff are among the best. 

Pam C.

Superior Recruiting is one of the finest recruiting agencies I have worked with. No excuses. On time, qualified recruits with excellent show rates. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Cheryl R.

Superior is extremely good at recruiting smart, articulate, on spec respondents. They have delivered on very tough recruits for me on a number of project over the years-- and the show rate has always been strong. I have every confidence in Superior!

Barbara L.

I have worked with Superior on several different recruiting initiatives. Their work is always very professional, punctual and consistent. I will continue to work with Superior on future projects. 

Raynard R.

Superior is my go-to recruiter for the Tampa area, and has also handled other Florida recruits for ModelPeople. They manage the trickiest of recruits on-time and on-budget and are highly flexible with client requests. I highly recommend their expertise, local knowledge and can-do approach!

Claire B.

"Aperture Market Research uses Superior Recruiting for all of our focus group recruiting in Tampa. Superior always delivers well--qualified participants even on very demanding re..."

Vincent B

"I have used Superior Recruiting on countless projects - always with great success. The team there is professional, responsive and pro-active. They are my "go to" facility in Tampa

 Vinny S

Director of Operations (Market Research)