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Superior Recruiting

Market Research 


We KNOW your research begins with a successful recruit and we will take any means necessary to find you fresh and articulate respondents. Superior Recruiting takes great pride in their recruiting process and will not book frequent flyers for their projects. 

 Your project will receive personal and professional attention  every step of the way. One of our experienced project managers will stay in constant contact with you and will alert you immediately if there are any issues with the project. 

 Our cancellation policy requires that for any reason a respondent may cancel or does not  confirm will immediately be replaced with a new qualifying respondent. It is Superior's policy that every project shall be recruited, confirmed, and manager approved the Friday before the study.

 Every recruiter is trained to THINK about who they are recruiting and to take ownership of their recruits. We are excellent at what we do and this is evident in our almost perfect show rates!